Endurance Lift Solutions International

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Endurance Lift Solutions International, the Romanian subsidiary of US based Endurance Lift Solutions, supplies downhole pumps, fiberglass rods and equipment along with the related maintenance services to OMV Petrom, major Romanian oil company, as well as to other local and international operators.  

Starting back in 2009, Endurance Lift Solutions International took over the activity of 25 pump shops formerly operated by OMV Petrom. Currently we run 14 pump shops throughout Romania providing maintenance services for over 7,500 wells.  

Endurance Lift Solutions International has a highly qualified staff available to support your completion design needs in order to optimize the performance of your wells. Work one-on-one with our experts to help you have the most efficient pump and optimal design.

Our new manufacturing facility opened in 2015 has more than 3500 m2 with a 6 MM$ in inventory.  

Endurance Lift Solutions International manufactures and services API and Specialty rod pumps. The pump and parts portfolio covers the whole range of API 11AX pump  sizes and many innovative concepts.

Our products are manufactured under a quality control system that meets or exceeds QA/QC guidelines.

The specialty pump components  are designed in house to meet the critical downhole conditions and ensure for an extended run life while increasing the pumping system efficiency.

Endurance Lift Solutions International has the capability to supply any package consisting of a reciprocating or progressing cavity pump and other accessories and equipment within 6 hours from notification.            

Our engineering  team  works  closely with  customer’s  field  supervisors,  data being constantly collected, tracked and analyzed in the Interface Upstream system.

The information and reports provided by the system are used  in meetings  with  the business partners  for current activity analysis  and special projects monitoring to the effect of reducing total cost of ownership under a perfomance increasing scenario.

We strive to  become a partner for our customers, providing  E&P companies with  the confidence  and satisfaction that they expect in an Artificial Lift program.  Our team is committed to providing the service and support  that  creates  lasting partnerships.  We work tirelessly  towards finding  the  right solution for your  particular  application to ensure your assets profitable operation.

Endurance Lift Solutions International is aware that  quality of products,  customer satisfaction,  environment protection, safety  of our employees  and  customer are critical  for the success of our business.